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Alepet laboratory furniture
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ALEPET D.O.O. has been founded in 2009. as a private family company with 100% domestic owner's capital. The Founders thereof, were two M.Sc.Mech.Engineers, the brothers ALEksandar and PETar Tsvetkovich. The main activity of our company consists in the production of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, corrosion resistant ventilation ducts, as well as of the medical and laboratory equipment.

In adition to the the production programe the purpose of which is provision of the complete professional service for full realization of our clients` demands and projects, we have also organized the sales programme of imported laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, corrosion-resistant polypropylene fans, airflow monitors and controls for laboratory fume cupboards, filters, safety cabinets, medical and general equipment for special assignments.
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