ALEPET D.O.O. Laboratory furniture
Alepet laboratory furniture
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1. Fume cupboards
2. Corrosion resistant polypropylene fans and blowers
3. Airflow monitors and controls for laboratory fume cupboards
4. Corrosion resistant exhaust ducts for fume cupboards, extractor hoods and extraction arms
5. Filters, prefilters and filter housing systems
6. Laboratory work benches
7. Sink work benches, laboratory sinks and drip cups
8. Central benches
9. Balance tables
10. Mobile tables and trolleys
11. Special work benches and individual tables
12. Reagent shelves, storage shelves
13. Safety showers, eye and face washers
14. Laboratory service units (fluid and electrical services, data and telephone outlets)
15. Underbench cabinets
16. Laboratory chairs
17. Laboratory cupboards and storage cabinets
18. Safety cabinets
19. Wall mounted storage cabinets
20. Laboratory furniture for Schools and Teaching laboratories
21. Office furniture

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