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Alepet laboratory furniture
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ALEPET D.O.O. is a company for production, representation, importation and distribution of the laboratory furniture, medical and other special laboratory equipment. Having for a goal the improvement of our sevices quality and offering the compleate professional support during the projects realization, as well as fulfilling our users wishes, we cooperate with the world leading producers in order always to be able to deal with new and high quality products.

The ALEPET D.O.O. company activities are spread over the following activity fields:

1. Laboratory furniture: fume cupboards, corrosion resistant ventilation fans, filter systems, airflow monitors and controls, work benches, safety cabinets, eye and face rinse devices, safety showers, laboratory sinks, work chairs ...
2. Medical equipment and accessories, laboratory equipment and special use equipment.
3. Museum equipment: extractors, ventilation hoods, special working benches, metal cupboards, metal shelves, metal storage cupboards, transportation trolleys, equipment for conservators ...
4. Laboratory and other types of furniture as per users` demands and wishes.
5. Provision of professional servicing for the equipment and other services during realization of the new projects, as well as provision of professional advices relating to the reorganisation of old laboratories.
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